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Anonymous posting has been disabled. If you're too lazy to register (it's free now) then I'll be too lazy to read your blabber.

Someone is playing a sick joke on me.
Philosophy proves nothing without assumption.
The Internet is only as real as one makes it.
The Internet is not real.
If one thinks one knows something about me by my LJ or website, one is making a poor assumption.
Remember, you all fucking suck.

How do you make a dead baby float?
8 ounces of root beer and 2 scoops of dead baby.

ColderThanEver Friend's List FAQ
1. Just because you aren't on the list doesn't mean I don't read your journal.
2. If your journal is "friends only", then not being on my friends list shouldn't offend you. No one else would be able to read your entries anyway.
3. Long entries without using the <lj-cut> are annoying.
4. Posting stuff that is too personal about me gets you cut faster than that Bobbitt guy. (I already learned my lesson)

ColderThanEver "Why Don't You Comment" FAQ
1. I don't like poetry.
2. Poetry format or not, if it smells like poetry, I'm not reading it.
3. Although I may react to your writing, I feel that one liners aren't appropriate and should be used sparingly.

ColderThanEver's Reminders To Self
"Don't tell me what I want,
Don't tell me what I need,
Don't tell me how I need to feel,
I feel, [nothing]" - Mudvayne "Silenced"

Since light travels faster than sound... is that why people appear to be bright until you speak to them?

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